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Latest addition : 27 October 2008.


Understanding and controlling the parameters driving the lifetime of equipments remains one of the major technical challenges for industries in a wide range of activities.
This is in particular true for equipments submitted to irradiation, for instance in the space and nuclear industries. As an example, the lifetime assessment of current and future fission or fusion nuclear reactors clearly depends on the available understanding of the resistance of materials under irradiation.

Moreover, irradiation is a very efficient experimental tool to modify and to control the evolution of material properties at the nanometric scale. As an example, it plays an important role in microelectronics component production, circuit manufacturing and in opto-electronics, and contributes to the development of nanometric technology, one of the most active application fields in condensed matter.

JANNuS as a joint CEA-CNRS-Univ Paris-Sud experimental platform, under the auspices of Université Paris-Saclay

Around an ion irradiation facility unique in Europe, JANNuS federates major technical and scientific skills in the fields of ion beam assisted synthesis, implantation/irradiation induced modification of materials and characterization of irradiated solids and surfaces.
This partnership stimulates collaborations between thoreticians and experimentalists, using ion irradiation to induce and control the evolution of materials properties at a nanometric scale.
The JANNuS project is also involved in the development of teaching and training activities near charged particle accelerators.

The multi-ion beam irradiation experimental facility JANNuS is devoted:
  • To simulate neutron induced damage and atom production in nuclear materials using ion beams;
  • To modify in a fully controlled way the properties of materials and to synthesize new phases by ion implantation or irradiation;
  • To quantify the evolution of both the chemical composition and the microstructure of irradiated materials using available on line ion beam analysis techniques;
  • To study in-situ and/or post-mortem the chemical/structural evolution of materials under single/multi irradiation in a dedicated Transmission Electron Microscope coupled with two ion accelerators;
  • To create a strong interaction between experimental and modelling scientists involved in material irradiation behaviour from nanometric scale (atom displacements) to macroscopic scale (evolution of physical, mechanical or chemical properties);
  • To promote teaching and training activities in the field of ion/matter interactions.


JANNuS-Orsay is managed by CSNSM (CNRS/IN2P3 and Université Paris-Sud). JANNuS-Saclay is managed by CEA/DEN. Both facilities are linked by a Grouping of Scientific Interest (GIS) since 2005.

JANNuS, established on two neighbour sites (Orsay and Saclay) offers to the international academic community the opportunity to perform irradiation experiments (associated or not to in situ characterization such as TEM, Raman or IBA) on promising advanced materials. Proposals can be submitted to JANNuS via the EMIR website each year (October). A 2k€ fee is requested per accepted experiment.

JANNuS is also open to industrial contracts. Please contact us for specific terms.

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