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Latest addition : 9 July 2018.

Épiméthée is a 3 MV single-ended electrostatic accelerator (3-UH-2 Pelletron, National Electrostatics Corp.) equipped with an electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) source (Pantechnik, Nanogan type) able to provide highly damaging beams with large energies and ranges, and also beams for IBA. The ECR source produces high charge states of a variety of ion species, which in combination with the 3 MV acceleration potential can produce ion beams with energies as high as 36 MeV. The source is equipped with four bottles for such gases as O2, He, Ar, Xe, CH4 and two cartridges of volatile organometallic compounds such as ferrocene and W(CO)6 for Fe and W ion production.

Maximal intensities at the targets are for example 9.1014 pps (particles per second) for protons and He+, 6.1013 pps for Fe+ to 1,4.1011 pps for Fe11+ , 1.1013 pps for W7+ to 1,4.1012 pps for W12+ . Metal ions are produced by the MIVOC process. Fe8+ up to 24 MeV and W12+ up to 36 MeV are classically used to produce high damage levels up to 2 – 3 µm range with damage rate typically of the order of 10 dpa/h.

3 MV accelerator Epiméthée

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