Joint Accelerators for Nanosciences, Nuclear and Simulation

JANNuS, a multi-ion beam irradiation platform

The JANNuS multi-ion beam irradiation platform was established in 2005 around two facilities:


Served by a knowledgeable scientific staff, the capabilities combine a total of five electrostatic accelerators for single beam, dual beam, and triple beam ion experiments and a transmission electron microscope for in situ studies.

JANNuS is dedicated to researches in the effects of ions in materials. Its particle beams make it possible to irradiate small samples in a perfectly controlled manner, and thus to observe and quantify the evolution of their microstructure (segregation, precipitation, formation of dislocation loops, cavities, bubbles, etc.) and service properties. Such a scientific platform has no equivalent in Europe and plays an essential role for multi-scale modeling of radiation effects in materials.

Last paper on the facility

Investigating radiation damage in nuclear energy materials using JANNuS multiple ion beams, A. Gentils, C. Cabet, Nuclear Instrum. and Methods in Physics Research B 447 (2019) 107 doi

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